The Melting Pot: Game Manual

The Basics


There are three kinds of magic: holy (or ‘light’, ‘white’), unholy (or ‘dark’, ‘black’), and neutral (‘grey’). Each supernatural creature generally draws from one kind of magic to fuel their abilities. Humans can also use magic in special cases, although it is almost always neutral magic unless they have a tie to a holy or unholy creature in some way (such as a witch having an unholy patron, or a Phoenix blood is an example for holy magic). As each creature has variants, not all creatures of the same ‘species’ will be tied to the same magic. Werewolves have a druidic (neutral) and an unholy variant. There is no limit on how powerful magic can be or what kind of magic it must be, even within species. Each creature’s soul is capable of something entirely different, and it also depends on many other factors like how much experience they have, if they trust or believe in their magic, or so on.

Magic is stored within a supernatural creature's cells, and they can regenerate magic overtime. Humans are born without these specialized cells so they must use components or their own life force to cast spells. Most human wizards use components... including other humans, if the human is particularly nefarious.

Unholy Ground vs Holy Ground

Unlike natural habitats, in which the creatures adapt to the environment around them, when it comes to holy & unholy creatures, the environment shapes around them. This creates habitats known as ‘holy ground’ and ‘unholy ground’. The names give you the general gist of what they look like. Unholy grounds are typically dark; trees will grow to provide as much shade as possible. In contrast, holy ground is fertile for all kinds of flora and fauna.



Druidic Variant
Sanguine foedus lupus
(“Blood Pact Wolf”)

  • Bipedal, opposable thumbs
  • Cannot be passed through bite
  • Must be born with variant gene or undergo sacred ritual
  • A dominant gene
  • Transformation requires a great deal of energy, and can be painful, although not always (think of it like the possibility to pull a muscle while exercising)

Unholy Variant
Avius Solum Lupus
(“Only a Wolf Wanders”)

  • All fours
  • Transformation is painless and quick, does not require energy
  • A disease, can be passed on genetically as well as through bite
  • Deteriorates the human mind slowly, leaving the bestial mind behind
  • Full deterioration achieved in ~30-50 years, depending on the individual
Stage One (~1-20 years)
The human mind is infected. Irritability & violence may ensue, typically from stress. Anxiety is also common.
Stage Two (~20-30 years)
The destruction of the human mind accelerates. Extreme paranoia, auditory & visual hallucinations; complete disregard for law or social conventions. Can present in various other ways, individual may develop several mental illnesses. Experiences blackout in which the bestial mind takes over; the memories of these minds no longer overlap or form one coherent individual.
Stage Three (~30-50 years and onward)
Full cleansing of the human mind. No symptoms; the individual is now fully a wild wolf.

Phoenix Blood

  • A human given the phoenix’s blood, as the name implies
  • Multiple families contain phoenix blood, but only one of each family can achieve mastery of the powers at a time
Flame Mastery
Phoenix blooded humans can produce fire or lava at their leisure and manipulate it as they see fit, although lava takes more energy to produce.
Eternal Warmth
Cannot freeze to death. The power of fire comes from, as the species name suggests, the very blood itself, as well as the heart that pumps it. This blood is eternal, unlike its vessel. It can never be cooled. A corpse still warm and kept well composed years after its death—that was once a vessel of the phoenix blood.
It would be unfortunate for this great line to end in such 'hoist with his own petard' manners! Phoenix blood are completely immune to burns. Fire has no effect on them or anything that they unconsciously consider a part of them in daily life (such as their clothing).
Holy Affinity
The Phoenix is a holy creature. It has been associated with life in the heavenly Paradise, among other concepts. Creatures associated with darkness will have a hard time against its flames. The blood of the Phoenix cannot be corrupted by dark ways. They cannot be transformed into a dark creature (such as a werewolf or vampire) via a bite or other means. The would-be infection will be purged by holy flames, harmlessly to the host.
Any blow that would spell death for a mortal spells death for a phoenix blood. They are still human, after all. However, when a vessel of phoenix blood dies, it is soon after reincarnated. This typically tends to transfer to the next child that would be closest to the previous vessel (for example, if a fathering phoenix blood were to die and his wife give birth after, the phoenix blood would almost certainly be transferred to that child). If there is no such child born after the vessel's death, not even a distant relative, then that particular strand will cease to be.

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